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Founded in 2015, Gempak Media delivers the most talked and interesting stories on the Internet right now. As more people read news online, we figured that we should also spread the news to everyone on what’s happening in Malaysia.

You think what you’ve read on the social media platforms are the hottest topics? Not until you read news from us. We make sure to provide the gempak news to the citizen without any confusion. With this, even when you lepak together with your friends at a mamak, you will be the one to fill in the details for them.

So don’t forget to follow our updates and be the first to know Malaysia’s latest news!

If you have any suggestions of feedback, please send an email to sales@gempakmedia.com

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About Us

Gempak Media delivers the most talked and gempak stories on the Internet to you. Be the first to know about the latest news and don’t forget to share it around.

Contact us: sales[at]gempakmedia.com

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