Mail Out Ad Announces New Investment Opportunity with Ads and Bitcoin-based Products

Mail Out Ad has recently announced their innovative and efficient investment option to individuals. The company markets ads and Bitcoin-based products through which registered users can earn significant revenue.

May 10, 2018 /MarketersMedia/ —

Mail Out Ad (MOA), an advertising agency based in countries like UK, USA, Scotland, Dominican Republic, and Seychelles has announced a new investment opportunity through their ads and Bitcoin-based products. The company has representatives all over the world and uses the World Wide Web and verbal marketing techniques to cover their advertising campaigns.

“Truth, transparency, and trust are the three key principles upon which our entire system is based on. We have a simple process through which we present a viable and productive investment opportunity to individuals”, said the company CEO.
MOA offers various packages like Basic, Turbo, Business, Professional, Ultimate, and VIP to its users. All of these packages are valid for 330 days and provide monetary returns on investments every 11th day.

CEO of MOA explained the straightforward process through which individuals can use their website. After registering on the website, members need to select any one of the packages mentioned above. A member then needs to view the blockchain or Bitcoin-based advertisements.

By viewing these advertisements, they can earn fixed income every 10 days which gets transferred to their accounts.
MOA also has a referral program in place through which members can earn commissions. Each member has to refer to two more individuals; if they join, the member will be entitled to a 10% commission. When these two members refer to two others, they also earn a commission and so does the original member. Mail Out Ad thus provides an opportunity to members for earnings both through their investment as well as their referral program.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Video Ads, and Withdrawals advertisement are the three types of the advertisement services that the company currently runs. According to the CEO, with PPC, marketers pay a fee to the advertisers whenever a user clicks on the ads. Running ads in videos on various platforms is part of the company’s second service.

Through withdrawals advertisement, users are able to provide insight into their ventures by using relevant platforms which in turn attracts new customers, adds the CEO. He expressed pride when talking about why individuals should choose them as an investment opportunity. MOA uses extended validation certificates for delivering supreme level of authentication to their customers and thereby entrusting them with confidence.

Their website is DDOS protected and monitors all incoming traffic and block any suspicious ones. They also ensure that all members’ data remain private and is protected by local laws and regulations. MOA is a verified business and displays their Trust Guard Business Verified Seal on their website. They also incorporate trusted payment processors for making both deposits and withdrawals.

The CEO further adds, “We have a team of dedicated customer service professionals that provide 24x7 help to our clients. They are also aided by an additional team of engineers from their security operations center. These individuals make sure that all problems arising with our clients are addressed instantly and efficiently.”

He concluded by saying that Mail Out Ad provides an effective way for investment to people for making money quickly and legally.

About the company:

Mail Out Ad is an advertising agency that markets ads and Bitcoin-based products. Located in countries like USA,UK, Scotland, Dominican Republic,and Seychelles, the company has representatives all around the world. They use various forms of advertising to provide an investment opportunity to its members.

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